My name is Dasha and I have recently understood that it is possible to watch the world being skint, the best adventures are free, travel have stopped being expensive pleasure for a long time.

I write here small notes and recommendations for all to whom it will be interesting.

For what?

*To prove that is possible to see the whole world without enough money in your pocket.
*To induce to travel of my friends and acquaintances.
*To find a company for future trips and adventures.
*To learn to write well about my hobby

What will be?
Here will be stories, councils, practical recommendations, photos, videos, links, and also answers to the questions "what?", "where?", "when?" and "how much is it?"

How to help?
Friends, you can help me the responses: feedback, comments, recommendations about improvement, likes/dislikes and so on.
All response are important for me!